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Welcome to the ToDo Institute! Here you will find a wealth of material on Alternative Methods of Mental Health such as Morita Therapy and Naikan from Japan. Although rooted in Eastern philosophy, these methods are integrated beautifully into our contemporary western society, providing balance, beauty and wisdom.

Morita Therapy represents the action element of Japanese psychology; Naikan represents the element of self-reflection. Together, they offer an alternative approach based on values such as mindfulness, purposeful living, gratitude and responsible action.

Most approaches to mental health in the West are rooted in European psychology. The principles presented here are quite different, originating in Japan and rooted in Asian tradition and philosophy. You'll find guidance on topics ranging from depression to procrastination. So please relax, take off your shoes (Japanese style) and come explore resources which blend the practical, the spiritual and the psychological.

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Taking Action

Feb. 24 - Mar. 24, 2020

Join us for our most pragmatic program. What would you like to accomplish? We'll provide the structure, guidance and camaraderie to make it happen!


Our 10 Most Popular Resources

Many Thanks: The Revolutionary Practice of Gratitude by Gregg Krech (from the Dec 2004 issue of The Sun).

Facing the Demons of Inaction: Morita Therapy as a Resource for Moving Forward by Gregg Krech

The Stress of Not Getting Things Done by Trudy Boyle

Cultivating Gratitude, an interview with Robert Emmons, PhD.

Coexisting with Emotional Charge Listen to audio, Coexisting with Emotional Charge(audio)

by Linda Anderson Krech

Truth about Consequences: Letting Children Learn from Reality by Linda Anderson Krech

Five Elements of Spiritual & Psychological Health

Listen to audio, Five Elembents of Spiritual (audio)

by Gregg Krech

Mind/Body Medicine in Japan by Gregg Krech

Anxiety as Misdirected Attention: A Case Study by Judy LeClair

10 The ToDo Institute's Guide to Navigating through Crisis (available to members only) by Gregg Krech

Guide to Navigating Through Crisis

Our new 12 page guide provides practical and inspiring advice for everything from hurricanes to divorces.  Written by Gregg Krech, a leading authority on Japanese Psychology.  Download this valuable ebook HERE for free.

Resting Fully in the Present Moment

I sometimes imagine that if the creator of the universe wanted to take another shot at communicating what was most important, she might replace all of sacred scripture with the words 'Pay Attention!' To choose the world means first of all to see it clearly, to shed fantasy and habit, to look, and look again, to let ourselves be broken open by its intricacy and its mystery.
                              - Philip Simmons

Whether we train ourselves to use our attention skillfully or we don't, we still rely on our attention for our experience of each moment of life.  Every April, ToDo Institute conducts an annual month long distance learning program called Working with Your Attention.  The program is great for people who want to develop their attention skills.  Click here to read more about it.

Life is a Matter of Attention: Gregg Krech's 90-min. audio program.

Life is a Matter of Attention

Gregg Krech's new 90-minute audio program on attention provides insightful, practical advice on how to develop your attention skills, elegantly blending the spiritual, the psychological and the practical.

Internet Library of Japanese Psychology and Purposeful Living

The largest collection of resources about Japanese Psychology and purposeful living on the Internet. Our Archives include a diverse collection of more than 160 essays and articles, including:

NEW! Audioblogs on the ToDo Institute Library

Audio file library

Listen to Audio Files on our internet library. Includes Attention, Obstacles and Gratitude, an excerpt from a public radio interview with author Gregg Krech about attention , obstacles and the experience of gratitude. Approximately 2-1/2 minutes.

Excerpts from Our Most Popular Book

Read excerpts from our featured publication: The Concise Little Guide to Getting Things Done.

A Dedication

The launch of this site is dedicated to Jonah Park Royama, born Monday, September 27th, 2004 at 1:21am. His arrival gives us all one more reason to make the world a better place to live.

“Thanks to the ToDo for the kind words.”
Krista & Sam Royama (mama & papa)

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I love the work of the ToDo Institute. It is kind, without being pandering. It is tough without being unkind. It is practical and some of the most powerful work I've ever undertaken. I highly recommend anything the ToDo Institute offers.

--Susan Lebel Young, MSEd, MSC, author of Food Fix: Ancient Nourishment for Modern Hungers

Thirty Thousand Days Blog

Thirty Thousand Days: A Journal for Purposeful Living

Thirty Thousand Days: A Journal for Purposeful Living

Thirty Thousand Days is filled with thought-provoking and inspiring perspectives that relate to our day to day lives -- coexisting with the ups and downs of feelings, discovering (and rediscovering) purpose, cultivating appreciation for life, working with attention, strategies for taking action, the practice of self-reflection, accepting the uncontrollable, taking responsibility, making a difference, and coping wisely with partners, parents, and children.  

Thirty Thousand Days is a unique (advertisement-free) publication which focuses on the relationship between living well and mental health


The Art of Taking Action: Lessons from Japanese Psychology
by Gregg Krech

The Art of Taking Action book $11.10

Gregg Krech opened new doors to self-reflection in his book, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection. Now he draws on Eastern philosophy, Buddhism, Japanese Psychology, Zen, and Martial Arts to offer an approach to ACTION that goes beyond productivity and time management. Most of us associate Eastern wisdom with meditation, but Krech demonstrates the importance of ACTION as an essential element in our spiritual and emotional health and provides the psychological tools that can help us move forward, even when feeling depressed, discouraged or just stuck. Weaving together an extraordinary collection of teachings, Krech addresses practical issues such as procrastination, stress, anxiety and indecision but through a lens of classic Eastern wisdom. Students of Buddhism, Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and Japanese culture, will resonate with the ideas Krech presents and come away with both inspiration and practical guidance.


A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness
by Gregg Krech

A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness book $10.50

If you are looking for wise and practical guidance about living well, you won’t find a finer resource than A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness.   This powerful little book overflows with the kind of information that can make an immediate difference in your day to day life. 

Using a skill-based approach to mental health, you will have an opportunity to evaluate your own mental health skills and to strengthen those areas that are creating problems or limitations in your life. 


Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection
by Gregg Krech

Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection

“Cultivating gratitude is among the most powerful and transformative spiritual practices in which you can engage. Gregg Krech's new book, Naikan, focuses on the art of gratitude, offering in a subtly simple, no nonsense, and highly useful style, practical ways to cultivate it in our own lives. This is a book to be read, and an art to lived.”
Rabbi Rami Shapiro (author of Proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon)

Recipient of the Best Spirituality Books of 2002 Award from Spirituality and Health Magazine


Little Dreams Come True
by Linda Anderson Krech

Little Dreams COme True

"Filled with wisdom, love, stories to inspire, and practical tools and ideas for more positive parenting, Little Dreams Come True is a gem. Read it for your kids. Read it for yourself." Zoe Weil, President of International Institute for Humane Education and author of Above All, Be Kind.

Read more..

A Finger Pointing to the Moon (eBook Edition)
by Gregg Krech and Linda Anderson Krech

A Finger Pointing to the Moon

Only available for download as an eBook.

Price $8.00

An example of the use of Naikan and Morita therapy blended into a practical guide for life planning.

Contents include:

What Really Gives Your Life Meaning?

Taking Risks

The Psychology of Action (Morita Therapy)

Obsessed with the Unfinished

Follow Through

Procrastination Disguised as Busyness

The Law of Momentum

Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up . . . and more.

Order eBook and download immediately