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What people say about our work

Residential Programs

“The program was the beginning of a metamorphosis from merely existing to living well, with purpose, effort and appreciation.” -- Maxi Jachens, Republic of South Africa

ToDo Campus

“The ten days at the ToDo Institute were the most intense of my entire life. I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to learn by living these principles 24 hours a day for ten days, rather than just reading about it. What a wonderful way to prove how well it works! By that experience, my life has forever changed.” -- Gloria Baird, Elizabethton, TN

“In the ten days at the ToDo Institute, I found out just how far I could stretch myself. I learned about myself, others and a way of living that makes so much sense.” -- Laura Paulman, NJ

“Thank you for being so generous with your time, your thoughts, your knowledge and your efforts. You gave me a model for living a life on purpose!” -- Mary Michelfelder, Keene, NY

“I came here with hopes of finding another tool to help me carve out my path to self-discovery. After these last few days, I have emerged with a heart aching with passion, a crystal clear vision and razor sharp focus... all of which I fully intend to use as my sharpest and most sacred of tools.” -- Taylor Rome, West Tisbury, MA

Distance Learning Programs

“Working with your Attention" course in April seems to have set me on a path where long-held problems/beliefs are sorting themselves out easily and without drama. Exposure to the mindfulness/Naikan work has come at a perfect time - after being primed by years of therapy :-) where I focused my attention on myself and the endless preoccupations which that entails. Having one's attention directed outwards is surely the way out of depression and anxiety. My ability to self-regulate is vastly improved - I just put my attention somewhere else - on a flower, a friend, a stranger, a tree - and what was perceived as a problem disappears. My friends are benefiting also - they too love the work and find it easily tolerated, and super easy to share. Thanks again." -- Sharon Hanna, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“Despite not blogging what I am doing, because it is not on my priority list of the most necessary activity of the day, I wanted you to know that I avidly follow and act upon your posts.  My daily activities are heavily and successfully ...profoundly even... influenced by this course and I have 'moved mountains' during this month of Taking Action." -- Susan Macintosh, Ontario, Canada

Thirty Thousand Days

“Thank you for putting out such a high quality publication that is fun and easy to read. I look forward to getting all the back issues.” -- Linda Koenig, OH

Thirty Thousand Days Journal

“Thirty Thousand Days is always so informative and well-constructed (no pun intended). And this last issue was beyond fabulous. It was quite touching and really ‘hit home’, helping me to keep on purpose.” -- Rosalyn Cherry, NY

“I look to the ToDo newsletter, listserv and courses as my main ‘lifeline’ to mindful living. It really makes a difference to have a community, even if it’s a virtual one. Thanks for all your efforts to make the ToDo Institute a living, breathing, learning community.” -- Dixie Griffin Good, Denver, CO

“Thirty Thousand Days arrived and after spending some time reading the articles, I must say that you both have outdone yourselves! The journal looks great, the articles are terrific and the paper feels good to handle. Congratulations!” -- Dan Lucas, Arlington, VA

“What an OUTSTANDING issue of Thirty Thousand Days!! Many, many, thanks for your fine issue-I devoured it cover to cover and found each and every article inspiring, humbling and informative. It is a real pleasure to continue receiving this fabulous newsletter.” -- Jane Skiba, New Paltz, NY

Morita and Naikan at Work in the World

“ToDo has had a major impact on my life. In 2006, I went to Kenya to raise funds for orphans there. In January of 2012 I will again journey to Kenya. I will be teaching for three months in a small school there. And, In March, I will be climbing Mount Kenya to again help the Makindu Children's Centre and to help increase awareness regarding the AIDS/HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. I do not think I would be doing this work had it not been for the lessons I have embraced from ToDo. I am in gratitude to you both for your dedication in bringing light forward to so many.” -- Phillip H. Virden, CO

“As we go through life we try to find many things that 'work for us', I have never found anything so simple or profound as the attention and Naikan work that you do. You and Gregg should be very proud of your contribution to the lives of the people who are reading and listening to your work.” - John Della Franca, Australia

“Naikan has helped me to visualize how my cellmate is experiencing my action and how I cause him problems... I could only see the guards as a source of trouble, now I see all the work they do to keep us safe.” -- Bill from Penn St. Prison

Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection

“The concept I find most useful in my daily living and working is the control/responsibility idea. I have used the little chart you drew in parenting classes and it has opened up a great deal of discussion around feelings of anger and thoughts of abusive behavior which I never got before. It seems that accepting that we are not responsible for our feelings and thoughts offers parents a freedom to openly share with each other and to concentrate on important issues like controlling their behavior.” -- Marcia August, MA

“I want to thank you and the ToDo Institute for sharing what you’ve learned with me. It’s pretty nifty to see the concepts I’m reading about set into action. After so many years of wishing, wanting and hoping for things to be different, I’m grateful for learning about tools that help me live my life with more purpose, self-discipline and satisfaction.” -- Leslie London, VT

“Please keep up the good work. You’re making a world of difference!” -- Neal D. Barnard, M.D.

“I gave A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness to a client six months ago, thinking that it would help her. She came back after the first visit and said she was reading it but... last week she called me again. She said, among other things, that she had read this book cover to cover and that she immediately quit smoking. She had not read it with the intention of quitting but it provided her with enough information that she quit in March and has not had a cigarette since.” -- Judy LeClair, MSW, Almonte, Ontario

“...[Y]our ideas about Naikan have a very important part to play in addressing the moral questions of our age. I feel that it could renew America and Americans, indeed the west, and make big waves of change around the would. ...[I]f we have a sense of entitlement to all we have, we will never have enough but if we have a sense of wonder and gratitude, we will need only to give. Thank you for giving the impetus for positive change and a really new enriching perspective on life for western people.” -- C.F. Bayliss, Japan

“ToDo is one of my great loves because it was there I found an opening in the hedge of despair. Thank you both for being great trail guides.” -- Victoria Register-Freeman, FL


The Art of Taking Action is a door way into living a life of accomplishment and satisfaction that leaves no one out. A cookbook for life -- providing guidance and recipes that will nourish you and those around you. It addresses the kinds of challenges we all face in cooking our life, and is the best book of its kind that I've ever encountered.” - Ron Hogen Green, Zen Teacher, PA

The Art of Taking Action

“Cultivating gratitude is among the most powerful and transformative spiritual practices in which you can engage. Gregg Krech's book, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace & the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection focuses on the art of gratitude, offering in a subtly simple, no nonsense, and highly useful style, practical ways to cultivate it in our own lives. This is a book to be read, and an art to lived."
-- Rabbi Rami Shapiro (author of Proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon), TN

“Filled with wisdom, love, stories to inspire, and practical tools and ideas for more positive parenting, Little Dreams Come True is a gem. Read it for your kids. Read it for yourself.” -- Zoe Weil, President of International Institute for Humane Education and author of Above All, Be Kind, ME

A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness is a rare and breakthrough gem that deserves wide coverage. I will keep this book readily accessible for living more fully. I experienced great solace and comfort in reading this book. It is concise and practical, with action practices for application. I want all my children, grandchildren and friends to have this book. Thank you, Gregg Krech, for writing this major contributing book!” -- Rosalie Syms, TX

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